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Research & Development

Already in the early 2000s, the welding equipment plant began to create its own laboratories to strengthen research and development and improve the technology of production of inverter welding machines. From now on, the design potential expands and grows every year:

  • new vacancies are formed for employment of the best graduates of NTUU “KPI” in departments of various directions;
  • on a regular basis, the company’s resources are invested in the creation and maintenance of infrastructure for the development of the latest models of equipment.
20 +
50 +
developed equipment models

The design and technological laboratories of the PATON plant are fully developed all components and sources of welding current, starting from the design of housing cases and ending with their own solutions for electronic circuits and software. Developments are underway for the following modes of welding direction:

  • manual arc welding (MMA);
  • argon arc welding (TIG);
  • semi-automatic welding (MIG / MAG);
  • air-plasma cutting (CUT).

Laboratories are equipped with modern and high-quality measuring and adjusting equipment, which is used to fine-tune inverter welding machines capable of working on current up to 1200 amps.

In the laboratory of the electrode shop, in addition to the current quality control of input raw materials and batches of finished products, new formulations of welding materials are being developed.
Absolutely all PATON welding equipment and related materials that are produced and produced are products. Exclusively own development and sales with the help of production facilities in Kyiv.

We use raw materials from the best domestic manufacturers (Odeskabel, KROK, etc.) and electronic components from foreign manufacturers (Vishay, NXP, Infineon, Kendeil, Toshiba, Texas Instruments, etc.).

PATON welding equipment has unique performance characteristics and high reliability, attracting users throughout Ukraine and far beyond, thus promoting the brand “Made in Ukraine” in more than 40 countries.
PATON products meet all the necessary requirements and have confirming quality certificates, such as UkrSEPRO, Eurasian Certificate of Conformity, CE and others.

PATON™ products meet all the necessary requirements and have the appropriate certificates.

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