Welding wire ER70S-6, Ø 1,2 mm,

Wire diameter, mm1,2
Copper coating thickness, micron≥ 0,10
The total content of copper, %≤ 0,35
Welding wire tensile strength882-1323 Мпа | 90-135 кгс/мм2
Spool diameter, mm200 / 270
Weight, kg5 / 15


ER70S-6 welding wire is intended for automatic and semi-automatic welding of carbon and low-carbon steels for general purposes in a shielding gas environment. It is used in welding work in mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, and construction industries. The applied copper coating significantly improves conductivity by reducing contact resistance. This helps to ensure the uniformity of the arc and improve the quality of the welding seam.