PATON™ StandardTIG-200

  • Welding current: 200A
  • Welding methods: TIG DC, MMA, MIG-MAG (after purchase of wire feeder)
  • Warranty: 5 years, also for companies
  • Duty cycle: 45% at 200A, 100% at 134A
  • Advantages: Non-contact arc ignition, improved arc stabilization, stepless adjustment of parameters, welding with pulse, thermal protection system.
  • Description: Multifunction welding machine used for TIG welding of black and stainless steel.




PATON™ StandardTIG-200

The PATON StandardTIG 200 digital inverter welder is optimized for TIG (HF) inert gas shielded arc welding, manual submerged electrode arc welding (MMA), and semi-automatic MIG/MAG arc welding (as a source with an external feeder) with direct current. Each of these methods allows the use of pulsed current (PULSE function). This versatile welder is designed for consumers requiring a compact housing with an optimal ratio between portability and functionality, with a full rated current of 200A.

The StandardTIG 200 is suitable for MMA welding with electrodes ranging from 1.6 mm to 5.0 mm in diameter and semi-automatic MIG/MAG arc welding with solid wire from 0.6 mm to 1.0 mm. The small size of the welder makes it very mobile, allowing it to perform most tasks in the production sector, including field work, workshop work, thin sheet production, repair and maintenance, and agriculture. The use of an inverter block operating at kHz frequencies significantly reduces the weight and dimensions of the machine, making it highly portable.


Paton StandardTIG-Series

The PATON StandardTIG Series represents exceptional quality and advanced technology, designed to meet the needs of both novice and experienced welders. These welders are known for their durability, performance, and reliability, making them ideal for various industrial applications, including workshops and manufacturing.

Equipped with top-tier components, the StandardTIG ensures outstanding welding results every time. The compact design, combined with a professional carrying case, makes it easy to transport and store all necessary equipment, including torches, electrodes, and power sources. Advanced IGBT technology minimizes electromagnetic interference and maximizes efficiency, providing a stable and powerful output.

Additionally, the increased protection class ensures the welder is shielded from dust and moisture, enhancing its durability in harsh working conditions.

Advanced Technology and Reliability

The voltage stabilization function allows for work with long extension cables and generator power, eliminating voltage fluctuations and increasing safety and reliability. The VRD (Voltage Reduction Device) enhances user safety by reducing electrode voltage to a safe level after welding is finished. Additionally, the StandardTIG’s robust design includes built-in overheating protection for all key components, ensuring long-term durability and performance. The StandardTIG also boasts precise amperage control, essential for producing high-quality welds with optimal penetration and minimal defects

The optimized arc ignition stability ensures a smooth start and consistent weld pool, reducing spatter and improving overall weld quality. The unit’s adaptive fan speed system maintains consistent temperatures during operation, preventing overheating and extending the lifespan of the components. The fan turns off automatically when the welder is idling, reducing noise and energy consumption.



  • The welding unit
  • The shoulder-carry belt
  • The operation manual

Technical characteristics

Supply voltage 50/60 Hz230 V
Required nominal current from the mains25 – 28 A
Nominal welding current200 A
Maximum welding current270 A
Duty cycle, %“45 % at 200 A
100 % at 134 A”
Voltage change intervals160 – 260 V
Welding current adjustment intervals10 – 200 A
Welding voltage adjustment intervals12 – 28 V
Diameter of the wrapped electrode1,6 – 5,0 mm
Diameter of solid wire0,6 – 1,0 mm
Pulsed welding methods“MMA: 0,2…500 Hz
TIG: 0,2…500 Hz
MIG/MAG: 5…500 Hz”
Function “Hot-Start”Regulated
Function “Arc-Force”Regulated
Function “Anti-Stick”Automatic
Idle voltage reduction systemOn / Off
Idle current voltage12 / 70 V
Arc event current voltage110 V
Nominal power consumption5,5 – 6,1 kVA
Maximum power consumption6,6 – 8,0 kVA
Energy efficiency90%
Operating temperature range–25 … +45 ºС
Standards met:“EN 60204 – 1:2006
EN 60974 – 1:2012
EN 60974 – 10:2014”
Dimensions (length, width, height), mm:315 х 110 х 255
Weight of the welder itself, kg5,8
Degree of protectionIP 21


User manual PATON StandardTIG-200