PATON StandardCUT-100 400V plasma cutter

  • Supply voltage: 3x400V, 50 Hz
  • Work cycle: 50% at 100A, 100% at 70A
  • Cutting current adjustment range: 35-100A
  • Maximum thickness of metal to be cut: 35mm
  • Description: High-quality plasma cutting machine for high-precision cuts in metals of varying textures and thicknesses. The machine is characterised by quality workmanship, high productivity and many modern features that guarantee the highest quality.


The Paton StandardCUT-100 inverter plasma cutter is designed for the manual cutting of metals and alloys by means of plasma arc in an air stream, enabling high-precision cuts to be made in metals of various textures and thicknesses up to 35 mm. The “Standard” series is powered by a three-phase 400V mains supply and combines high power with ease of use and small dimensions. Due to the increased frequency of the inverter, the unit has a lower weight and size compared to classic cut-off machines. The unit is equipped with a protective system in the event of insufficient air pressure, as well as a pneumatic system with two valves – for gentle arc ignition with reduced metal spatter and to extend the service life of the plasma torch consumables.


  • Peak overload protection system
  • Inverter IGBT technology
  • Three-phase connection that does not require a neutral conductor
  • Adaptive cooling
  • Convenient and simple operation
  • 50% duty cycle at 100A, 100% at 70A
  • Increased unit reliability in dusty environments
  • Thermal protection on all hot components
  • Infinitely variable current adjustment
  • Dual valve pneumatic system
  • Plasma cutter StandardCUT-100 400V
  • Ground cable 3m
  • Pneumatic quick-release coupling


Rated mains voltage 3x400V, 50 Hz
Rated current consumption 20 A
Rated cutting current 100 A
Duty cycle 50% at 100A
100% at 70A
Supply voltage range 360 – 420 V
Cutting current adjustment range 35 – 100 A
Maximum thickness of cut metal 35 mm
Working air pressure range 0.48 – 0.7 MPa
Air flow rate no less than 180 l/min
Non-contact ignition (oscillator) Yes
Pilot arc Yes
Plasma ignition voltage 270 – 310 V
Rated power consumption 13.2 kVA
Maximum power consumption 16.5 kVA
Efficiency 90%
Forced cooling
Operating temperature range -25 … +45ºС
Overall dimensions (L x W x H) 560 x 225 x 440 mm
Weight 25,8 kg
Degree of protection IP 23