Autonomous cooling unit PATON Cooler-8S


The PATON 8S welding machine cooler is a multi-purpose cooling device designed to provide highly efficient cooling for welding torch accessories and plasma torches. The cooler can be used for both welding apparatus and plasma cutters.


The PATON 8S welding machine cooler provides reliable cooling for the handle operating at high currents (above 300A for semi-automatic welding machines and above 140A for TIG welding) and is an indispensable part of welding equipment operating in continuous conditions. The cooler holds up to 8 litres of coolant and ensures that the coolant is circulated in a closed system with a high capacity (delivering fluid to a height of 10 metres) and capacity (up to 6.5 l/min).


The cooler is a universal device, which means that it fits not only PATON welders, but also finds its use and compatibility with equipment from other manufacturers such as Esab, Magnum, Kemppi, Spartus, Bester, Dedra, Merkle, Stanley, Lincoln Electric, Miller, Ideal, Trafilux, Ozas or Sherman.


Kit purchased includes:

PATON 8S welding machine cooler
Control jumper 1 piece
Quick connector 2 pieces
PATON cardboard packaging
User manual


Rated mains voltage 50 Hz, V: 220V
Mains voltage variation range, V: ±15%
Power, W: 270W
Cooling power, kW, at 1 l/min: 1
Duty cycle: 100%
Rated current consumption, А: 1,23A
Coolant tank capacity: 8l
Max flow rate: 6.5l/min
Coolant: BTC-50
Fluid flow sensor: yes
Degree of protection: IP21
Dimensions (L x W x H), mm: 522x267x382
Weight: 16kg